eBay Desktop

eBay Desktop 1.0.2

Track eBay bids from your desktop


  • Gives you access to all eBay functions
  • Easy way to track bids and win auctions


  • Sometimes it doesn't display information properly


eBay heavy users like you probably spend half of their computer time checking the eBay site to track items, bids, offers or messages. Wouldn't it be nice to have some help in this tiring task?

eBay Desktop is the answer to this whish. This tool, which has been developed under the AIR platform, lets you review and check all the important information in the eBay website. You'll be able to search for special items, bid on any of them and also put the ones that interest you most in your watching list.

The program also features special services (RSS feed readers, outbid alerts and item reminders, among others) that enable you to be ahead of other bidders and have more chances to win auctions.

On the downside, I had problems when trying to list items in certain categories and also when displaying item pictures. Apparently, they were having technical difficulties at the eBay site so it's probably not the program's fault.

Though not always responding as it should, this eBay AIR-based gadget is the perfect companion for all eBay fans who spend too much time on the eBay website.

eBay Desktop is an alternative to the eBay website - you can use it to search, browse, bid, keep track of your auctions — all the things you use the website for when you’ve got some money burning a hole in your pocket (or in your PayPal account).

Welcome the New

Search, bidding, browsing, watching… it’s all there, with a brand new interface

Be a Power eBayer

Search feeds, item reminders, and persistent filters put you ahead of the game

Go Beyond the Browser

Recent item cache, outbid alerts, and no need to refresh

eBay Desktop


eBay Desktop 1.0.2

User reviews about eBay Desktop

  • by Anonymous

    Nice idea with many bugs.
    Ok, the idea is nice. But it doesn't work... I can look up items, it loads my messag...   More